Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The plumber

... after long days waiting the plumber came with his huge n heavy toolbox with all his arms , pins to heavy hammers except the one i need and he spent half n hour hunting for a suitable screw, wearing cooling glass and gloves he looked like a detective on action, vanished away leaving my toilet flush leaking more than before... and i'm sure his coming back is an illusion....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Two men i met today

He spent twenty minutes for me
Guiding me to the place where I wanna
a place very remote and i’m ignorant
He slit a paper and drew a graph
I didn’t understand yet but he never quit
making me familiar to all the curves,
hills and dales, signals and sites.
Still I lost all the ways, but
Finally, I am at destination.

And wanna back home
It’s a labyrinth you’ll lose
I was groping around……..
An old man came in help
Took much pressure to guide me
To right path, to my cosy little home.
I can’t forget his smiling face
With a waving hand in
Winning me leading to the right path.
sparing his precious time for a stranger
How magnanimous the men around
Strengthen me the belief of humanity
There r people destined lead to success
There r tender hearts, with lovely spirits
I promise I must do something n return.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kurosawa and the truth

recall a movie of Kurosawa
akira kurosawa’s, darsu usala or!

three people involved
a pretty lovely girl, her husband
and a vagabond in forest.
Girl and man on horseback
Looklike a honeymoon trip
Into the vastness n wilderness
On the way in some corner
vagabond appeared and
killed her husband and lope with lass

Later in court jurisdiction
The wonderful part of the story
Jury listen the girl, wagabond
and two three witnesses
all illustrates the events taken place
all in different version and dimension,
the observer the viewer, the listener
get confused, which is right ………….
Still I ponder the film and not sure
Who is right and who is wrong

The truth always a player
A magnificient masqurader.
It helps n hallucinates you
It brings you confusion
It breaks your peace
It brings your peace


Love is told manifold
and many are fooled.

(She)Stepped into the street and
dropped a star when blink
Followed a crowd squeaking
Pearls fallen in the smile
smashed hearts of love at carts
Smirked at the other side of lips
Sleeves up and laughs up her sleeves
Paced in a catwalk
Placed footprints in vivid
Enthused mob traced through the heels
So mass in procession treaded fast
Fasten belt and Spellbound
Waited long at doorstep.

Love in masquerade
Back at greenroom
Unfastens her mask
Laughs up her sleeves
Costumes peeled off
Paled profile reflected age
That laughed at her in ease
And she peeped at them in amuse.