Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kurosawa and the truth

recall a movie of Kurosawa
akira kurosawa’s, darsu usala or!

three people involved
a pretty lovely girl, her husband
and a vagabond in forest.
Girl and man on horseback
Looklike a honeymoon trip
Into the vastness n wilderness
On the way in some corner
vagabond appeared and
killed her husband and lope with lass

Later in court jurisdiction
The wonderful part of the story
Jury listen the girl, wagabond
and two three witnesses
all illustrates the events taken place
all in different version and dimension,
the observer the viewer, the listener
get confused, which is right ………….
Still I ponder the film and not sure
Who is right and who is wrong

The truth always a player
A magnificient masqurader.
It helps n hallucinates you
It brings you confusion
It breaks your peace
It brings your peace


  1. Hi! Salu,
    never seen the movie nor heard of it [ignorance :)] reading this post, i would like to see it..
    but truth is meant to bring peace right?, all other hallucinations and confusions exists as truth is in hiding or truth is not accepted...
    A post to ponder upon... thanks

  2. Dear Nirmal,
    Thanks for your note... it is said truths are only lies sanctified... and we watch life around us ; thousands of dramas staged ....