Thursday, April 22, 2010

Two men i met today

He spent twenty minutes for me
Guiding me to the place where I wanna
a place very remote and i’m ignorant
He slit a paper and drew a graph
I didn’t understand yet but he never quit
making me familiar to all the curves,
hills and dales, signals and sites.
Still I lost all the ways, but
Finally, I am at destination.

And wanna back home
It’s a labyrinth you’ll lose
I was groping around……..
An old man came in help
Took much pressure to guide me
To right path, to my cosy little home.
I can’t forget his smiling face
With a waving hand in
Winning me leading to the right path.
sparing his precious time for a stranger
How magnanimous the men around
Strengthen me the belief of humanity
There r people destined lead to success
There r tender hearts, with lovely spirits
I promise I must do something n return.



  1. Hello Greetings:)

    I agree there are always good people in this world who go out of their way to help us. It is always the good and kind people who make life worth living.

    Best wishes:)

  2. Hello,
    this is how we feel the presence of god in our daily life...never forget that smile and u will have peace.

  3. jp,
    thank you for your worthy comment. Defenitely, goodies are around and we need to recognize them...

  4. Dear RD,
    smile...... i am humbled with your comment...
    yah , keep tiny is the span we are allowed to be here and many find few time rather forget to put on ... let us atleast not forget to have it occasionally even.